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About us

Who we are
Think Tank Editorial Think Tank Team

Dr. Malay Chaudhuri
[Chief Consulting Editor]

Arindam Chaudhuri

Prasoon Majumdar
[Editor Economic Affairs]

M.N.V.V.K. Chaitanya
Aniruddh Banerjee

Anil Sheoran
[Website Development]

The IIPM Think Tank, an independent, India-centric research body, is inspired by Dr. M.K. Chaudhuri's vision of India as an economic powerhouse in the 21st century; a modern nation state where poverty becomes history and the underprivileged are not consigned to the dustbin of amnesia. The national presence (across seven nodes, News Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Banglore, Hyderabad and Ahemdabad), makes our understanding of the economy superior, where is many research fellows, senior research associates, research assistants, program coordinators, visiting fellows and etc embark on research assignments and network with global intelligentsia.

What we believe

The IIPM Think Tank is wholly free of ideology and looks at the Indian Development Paradigms, Purely modeled upon the basis of 'Objective Reality'. We passionately believe in the credo that we constantly seek to follow: rethink, edify and delineate. This enduring commitment has helped us foster and broaden the parameters of public policy debate and alternatives. Toward that goal, it strives to archive greater involvement of the intelligent, concerned change agents (reform minded politicians, public servants, media, socially responsible firms and citizens) in questions of policy and the ideation, furthermore, we ardently believe that the managers of tomorrow that are being groomed at IIPM today will play a decisive role in India's renewed tryst with destiny.

What we do

As a premier 'ideas organization' in Asia The IIPM Think Tank is committed to enhance public awareness of policy issues an economics and management and to engineer solutions that will fulfill the 'Great India Dream'. By publishing the finding of its research, and though the active participation of its senior researchers in the media and policy, it aims to bring new knowledge to the attention of policy makers. Every year, The IIPM Think Tank commissions and publishes three quarterlys reviews and an annual review, on a wide range of policy issues including education, health, poverty, unemployment, agriculture, industry, services, FDI, external trade, infrastructure and environment. All these outputs meet the highest standards of scholarship, are accessible to a broad readership, and explore policy alternatives consistent with the philosophy of ours. The central theme of our issues are devoted to assess where the critical predicaments are, analyzing what needs to be done to annul the element of development deterrents in the economy and offer concrete proposals on how to accelerate welfare everywhere towards achieving inclusive development. The India Economy Review is a small manifestation of that vision. More than 1,000 students (seven nodes of IIPM) have---and continue to-spent endless hours conducting primary and secondary research on contemporary issues that confront the Indian Economy. This research is then analyzed threadbare by at least 50 knowledge workers across the seven campuses. Brand new insights and policy recommendations that are provided by this core team are then crafted, honed and polished by 20 members Economy Research Group (ERG). This massive effort is spearheaded and led by the renowned economist and management guru, Professor. Arindam Chaudhari.

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