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Business & Economy

1.  WEF 2014: Assessment
[01/03/2014]  Peaceful dialogues – like those at the World Economic Forum – is the way forward if the world really wants a peaceful tomorrow. Strange, we ‘ALL’ know it!

During the last couple of years, every nation has either gone through a crisis or has felt the heat in one way or the other. Several predictions have highlighted that the world is r...Read More

2.  'Wrong' Island(s) Iced T?
[01/03/2014]  To carry forward their legacy, China and Japan must conduct a dialogue to sort out the East China Sea dispute. War isn’t the answer!

With every passing day, dispute between two global superpowers – China and Japan – in the East China Sea, over a group of unpopulated islands (Senkaku Islands in Jap...Read More

3.  The foreign defence of India
[01/03/2014]  Will India ever be able to indigenise its arms production in the future?

Several prophecies and predictions estimated that India will become a superpower by 2050. While being a superpower may have no effect on reducing on-ground poverty, the ground reali...Read More

4.  Trust the Americans to...
[01/03/2014]  If Russia occupies Ukraine, and US opposes, one could very soon see the Berlin Wall being recreated in this cusp demography

The very recent warning by Leonid Makarovych Kravchuk, the first President of Ukraine that “The entire world acknowledges... that the state [Ukraine] is on the verge ...Read More

5.  Food for thought!
[30/01/2014]  In its current form, the Food Security Bill only addresses the issue of hunger and not the problem of malnutrition and its consequences

The fault with most government policies is that they look impressive at first glance but flatter to deceive later on. As a result, most of them reveal inadequacies and gaps that show up only the...Read More

6.  Too close for comfort
[30/01/2014]  Iran’s nuclear ambition, if realized, can upset the long-standing balance of power in the Middle East, with far reaching consequences for the world at large

As Iran prepares to enter the final stretch of its nuke development, the frisson of concern and even panic in Israel and the US is palpable. The issue uppermost in their minds is not that Iran w...Read More

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