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Truly tireless losers!
A treatise on cliched tactics, which still hold humongous promise

Sports delights, sports unites and sports exhilarates. The collective identity of a nation is personified in the sporting arena and the performances of few determined men and women build the confidence of the same. Though the Indian tricolour seldom flutters across the international stadia, and the nation representing 17.1% of humanity is most often placed at the bottom of the tally.

Save cricket and some brilliance here and there, our overall positioning has been pathetic. India was positioned (much like in the UN Human Development Report) at rank 117 in world FIFA ranking (March, 2006), much behind countries like Rwanda (93), Uganda (97) and Congo (111). Consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers analysed medal performance over the past four Olympic Games and predicted at least 10 medals for India in the Athens games. For the records, India managed just one silver.

So what lies beneath? Behind accusations and counter-accusations, a vicious circle operates. And that entrapment is based on poor infrastructure, lack of economic incentives, un-supportive market structure and lack of role models worthy of emulation. Building in-house world class infrastructure, training facilities & fully residential sports universities should be prioritised. The integration of market forces to sports has the potential of metamorphosing the existing sports landscape. Effective long term strategies assimilating government funding, corporate sponsored facilities & mass awareness through media are imperative to build and augment a base for a formidable sports power. But then, haven’t we heard this a million times before?

By:- B&E

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