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Amen to Gay-men
Gay churches come as a new challenge to ‘THE FAITH’

The guardians of Christian faith are either grudgingly accepting the change to their faith or the religion itself seem to be undergoing a metamorphoses. Vexed with the controversies related to homosexuality and abortion, the shifting stance has been marked both by acceptance as also vehemence.

Catholics accept Bible as the revelation from God and from the Bible’s standpoint, the only acceptable context for sexual intercourse is within the confines of marriage, and marriage is only between a man and a woman. Thus it always has disallowed gay-lesbian sex, abortion and even birth control. The formation of gay churches and importantly recent airing of gay church activities in San Francisco’s Castro district by BBC has raised several uncomfortable questions for the hardliners.

Cohorts of gay church argue that Anglican Church has always been wider and all-embracing where all inclusiveness and openness gets defined by its very ethos. To them medieval interpretation of Bible edifies nothing about the modern psychology and sexuality thereby perpetuating prejudice against gays and lesbians. Anglicans defend with the point that those who are called leaders must teach and believe what Anglicans believe and Bible shows when it is uncongenial to the present cultural ethos.

The important question, however, is related to the future of the faith. Already under controversy due to archeological findings related to Jesus Christ’s family, the guardians of the faith, most importantly, the Vatican have to prove both their power of accommodation as also their potential to withstand criticism related to faith.

By:- B&E

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