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Saner hands needed
Women drivers can prevent accidents...

Shall we ever see that day in our life time when in the neighborhood bus stop we would be greeted by a bus-driven, not by a man, but a woman? And would it eventually benefit the society as a whole if at all such a thing eventually happens? Well in a country where more than 90,000 people die in road accidents per year, more than anything else, we need sober drivers who would prevent rash driving and follow the nuances of road etiquette. Well that might just be a little too distant a dream, but small journey on the same line has already begun. In Indore, a few days back, the Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister made similar announcement which no doubt raises hope for Indore transport to pose and be the role model for the entire country.

Nevertheeless the chauvinism of a male dominated society would take time to change. A Public Relation personnel with the Delhi Transport Corporation claims, “It will be a ‘rough & tough’ job for them.” Though, in 1982, an effort had been made to employ women in conductor’s seat, but due to excessive public dealing, the assignment proved to be failure. Moreover, CNG fuelled bus engines become 90 degree hot, which is unbearable for women and to maneuver the steering, and controlling a Jumbo DTC bus requires lot of muscle power, which undoubtedly a women cannot afford. Accepted, but in a country where women have proved their abilities as successful social engineers, police officers and entrepreneurs, is driving a bus too difficult a task? You decide.

By:- B&E

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