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And kiss ‘n make up with Pakistan?
In other words, why India has no answer to the Pakistan issue

Pakistan perennially remains the emotionally disadvantaged Siamese sibling of India whose existence is a predicament more for itself than for India. It took more than sixty years for India to reach the trillion dollar mark in GDP. Would India have taken lesser time if Pakistan had been more, ahem, loving? One guesses not. But born on the pretext of a separate nation for Muslims, the fact cannot be wished away that Pakistan has not digested the existence and success of a secular India whose Muslim population is bigger than its own. Over the years, as it witnessed the increasing stability of India against all odds and its rising economic and strategic prominence in the global arena (while Pakistan’s slide continued), the powers within the nation become hell bent on killing India’s social harmony.

But with that dream going sour, like the Kashmir dream, a desperate Pakistan has let loose all its fangs in all corners of India. Now that it finds it difficult to continue with the mayhem in Kashmir, given the near huge deployment of CRPF, BSF and army, it is paying back the defeat of 1971 by making Bangladesh its new pawn. In the recent blasts in Malegaon and in Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad, there has been clear evidence of the involvement of the Bangladesh based radical Islamic group HUJI. In the same league, there is enough evidence to believe that Naxalites and ULFA, who otherwise are diagrammatically opposite the Islamic ISI in terms of ideology, are getting much monetary and technical support from across the border.

So what’s the solution for India to use? In reality, none but hyping up the fact that India is militarily far mightier than Pakistan. And that is because till date, the mentality of successive governments of Pakistan has bordered on being inanely childish, with diplomatic meetings being radical rants than intellectual discussions! And to such herds, it is not ‘tire’ diplomacy that works, but ‘fire’ diplomacy. And that is how India has to earn peace...through fear, and not through love!

By:- B&E

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