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The enemy within...
...is the government, because of whom the Naxalite problem exists

It’s been a long time since the days of Charu Majumdar and Naxalbari movement. India has changed much from those days and though disparities, inequalities and discrimination still prevail in many of the pockets of the country, the movement that is going on in the name of Naxalism today is far from the ideology of Charu Majumdar. Ironically, today Naxalites have literally become an anti-thesis of what essentially was the reason for the initiation of the movement. In the last few years, more people have died due to their mayhem than in wars or in, say, Kashmir. Those are often the hapless and poor foot soldiers of CRPF and State police along with innocent villagers who are the victims of their atrocity. Critics say that given the millions they collect annually through extortion, they could have literally changed the landscape of rural India if they wanted. One wonders how easily these critics forgot about the billions our successive governments have had, and never invested on sincerely developing the situation of the underprivileged... Nevertheless, Naxalism today is nothing but an organised extortion racket at best, and a bloody terrorist organisation bereft of ideology at worst, often using the disguise of intellectualism to hide their real motive.

So who takes the blame for this movement? Surprisingly, more than Naxalites themselves, the blame squarely lies on successive governments, who have never been able to provide productive employment, literacy, income, health services and a dignified existence to hundreds of millions of Indians. Think about it, after 60 years of so called ‘Independence’, India has 400 million poor. Naxalites have 400 million prospective members to recruit...

By:- B&E

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