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That elusive quest
Identifying the effervescent economies in the new world order

With so much information overload on a handful of economies, any discerning observer gets a feeling that the world has all of a sudden emptied out all other economies that could not make it to that select list. So much so that even when one search for any worthy information on other economies, they might find it only after scrolling to the twentieth page of any respectable search engine. Despite the fact that today the media, academia, investors & all other multilateral institutions of all hues & at all levels are all singularly focused on select nations – something corroborated by how much higher their attention is compared to those of other economies – the future belongs to today’s ambitious economies. It is they who are endowed with the winning ideas, human capital, policy innovations & investor patronage necessary to amend the rules of the global game. As the world becomes more flat & aligned, it is the economies that think big & execute fast that will be most proficient to perceive firms & citizens right, & provision them with the climate & services they demand. So, what are these economies? There exist hundreds of nations that might consider themselves eligible but no one can be certain. All the poster BRIC economies & many other mature ones suffer from grave socio-economic & geo-political constraints, wherein their extant framework would greatly impinge upon their growth prospects. So the B&E partnered The IIPM Think Tank, & hunkered down to organise loads of qualitative & quantitative information to isolate the ten effervescent economies.

Upon rethinking the popular research practices, we roll out these economies to look ahead to. They have been silently evolving in the global backyard, but with the pace & strategy that they are growing, very soon they would be central & significant enough for the entire global economy. They are the ones that can swing the balance in their favour by altering market dynamics & geo-political concerns – through policy innovation or complete economic audacity.

By:- B&E

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