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Past imperfect & present tense!
Learning from their formative violent past no one else but the...the deformed future generation...

In the 21st century when mankind is at threshold of path-breaking innovations that can bring about a paradigm shift in the way s/he lives, perceives, thinks & changes the world around, it is unfortunate or rather an irony that amidst all the talks of technology & economic revolutions s/he has not been able to fully insure the lives of their own progenies. A look at the less civilised & more rustic wild life out there in the jungles would vindicate that it is this very thing i.e. the protection of the younger ones, which has always been & would always be a priority for any species, barring mankind & serpents perhaps.

World over it is not just the divide between haves & the have-nots, but also the disparity between the handful of children who are growing up in affluence while the majority eagerly waiting to hug misery. For they don’t need to wait till death, to get a glimpse of hell, (if at all), as for them the world itself has transformed into a living hell for them. The medium of atrocities might be disparate – from being forced to become a young soldier in a war camp, sexual abuse on the streets, sleeping with empty stomach in chilling winter nights or being openly traded like commodity at flesh market, the ends are the same. The gruesome reality today rampantly covers more than two-thirds of the world. Call it propaganda or ignorance, most think that gun to drug addicted children working for militias are restricted only to Sub-Saharan African countries, while the reality is pretty far from truth. This phenomenon has spread across more developed continents too. In South Asia, most militia organisations find it easier to recruit kids in their terrorist organisations, while in more developed countries of Western Europe & especially the US, peer pressure, frustration, identity crisis, jealousy & distorted childhood is giving rise to new generation of trigger happy children, who for a momentary pleasure of raised adrenaline can anytime go out for a killing spree in schools/colleges, such incidence of mass firing have became regular feature in the US.
At the crossroads of the millennium, mankind needs to take certain crucial decisions, as to whether all these, happening in the name of development (or in absence of it), would essentially make this world a happier place to live in or not? Which is certainly not so to begin with, it is better for mankind to go back to their basic instinct & make sure that their young ones are taken care of.

By:- B&E

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