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Minions at work to face the reality!
All blames go to society, authority, & their idealistic execution...

Few fortunate ones among the children who neither starve to death nor are victims of stary bullets, essentially end up being slogging for two meals a day. This at a time when they are supposed to enjoy the most of their childhood. For the unholy profit seekers, it makes to employ them as they would not protest about unhealthy working conditions, long working hours or poor pay. What is more horrifying is that 126 million children are engaged in horrendous work environment in mines, chemical industries & kilns. Regional estimations show that Asia Pacific region has the highest incidence of child workers (127.3 million, 19% of children work in the region). The condition is worse when it comes to Sub-Saharan Africa; one in every three children is a child worker. Developed countries are not free from this curse either; reports state that approximately 17.4 million (16%) children are labourers. India is blessed with 17 million child workers, highest in the world in a single country. ILO predicted child labourers in Sudan will touch 1.05 million by 2010 (23.5% of child population). Nigeria is another country where poverty has led 15 million children to work, irrespective of inhuman conditions. Pakistan may feel proud that 11 million child work force kept factories working.

No constitution in the world, no scripture in any religion has ever claimed or permitted child at work. But mankind for all its pretensions still make its progenies slog & be exploited, something no other species does on this planet. Even then he claims to be the best

By:- B&E

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