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Raping the future, on their own???
A society of ignominy, dishonour but authorities remains shameless

Ask any malnourished, starving or a bonded girl child & she would plead that it is better to have a life like this than to be raped.

Hence; in 21st century, modern civilisations no longer belong to the gentle. On the contrary, it is a society of ignominy, shame or dishonour where even children can’t sleep peacefully. South Africa, better known as ‘The rape capital’ of the world has one of the highest incidence of child rape cases in the world. According to government statistics, 20,000 children are raped every year. At least 50 face such fate every day. Shockingly, a young African has greater chance of being raped than being educated. Yet it’s not just Africa alone. The state of Colorado in the US has experienced one in four women raped or harassed. National violence against women survey in the US in 1998 stated that more than 6.8 million women are victims of rape of which 29.3% are children. An Equity Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) study revealed 15,000 cases of sexual harassment is registered in the US annually. American Association of University Women (AAUW) survey in 2002 revealed that 83% of girls have been sexually harassed, & 78% of boys have been sexually harassed from 8th to 11th grade. The worldwide sexual assault statistics by George Mason University states that in Peru, South America, 90% girls (aged 12 to 16) who gave birth, from pregnancy due to rape. Situation is not better in Asia, where 40% girls are sold to brothels. A recent government commissioned survey in India of 2007, revealed 53% children are victims of sexual abuse.

Though, very few countries lack regulations to protect children, conviction rate remain abysmally low. Perpetrators go scot free because, either victims fail to present witnesses or evidences or culprits bribe police & the judicial system. If it goes on like this, it would be like giving incentives to the likes of our home grown Santosh Singhs & Surinder Kohlis to continue with their mayhem because civilised society is too weak-kneed to deliver justice to the mother of our progenies.

By:- B&E

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