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Finally…Golf is bridging the gulf
Contributing immensely towards development & social awareness

G olf is one of the most coveted games among the tycoons of the corporate dossier & when it comes to the movers & shakers, there’s never a bigger style statement than Golf. Accepted, that it is not anybody’s game even the expenses involved but thanks to the patronage that it garners, Golf today has become not just money minting sport but one around whom many industries have flourished. Be it clothing, golf accessories & real estate. On one hand, where billions are being raked in out of Golf , charitable golf tournaments are often organised for generating money (about $3 million) to be spent for social purposes.

Not just this, the super rich players do also make a difference by making personal donations for many causes. Sample this: the famous FBR Open raised more than $46 million dollars for Arizona charity purpose while the annual ColorTyme Charity Golf Tournament raised $15,750 for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in Carolina while European tour added £50,000 for the Tsunami aid. Moreover, corporations like Eaton Golf Grip Division donates 25 cents for every one of its Grip sold & organises campaigns like ‘Grip for Awareness & Swing for Hope’ on breast cancer. Golf tourism also contributed predominantly for growth in real estate & hospitality industries in most part of the US & Scotland. Apart from awareness campaigns & economic contribution, worldwide broadcast of the game brings the lush green beauty of the host country into drawing rooms of millions. Studies reveals that Golf tournament may bring in more than $330 million in major Golf playing countries. Hopefully, Golf would be able to continue its bridging of the gulfs, so why not let the rich play more & donate more for poor & the down-trodden.

By:- B&E

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