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Tennis’ ace for humanity
Personal achievements v/s off court contributions by tennis players...

In many ways, the impact of sports on society is highly collaborative. The 19th century game tennis is perfect case in point. From ending apartheid in Johannesburg by organising American-African tennis tournament, initiating opportunity for youth by initiating National Junior Tennis League, improving academic standard for African players via raising millions of dollars for United Negro College Fund & bridging the ignorance gap about Black’s sport history by publishing book on experience of Black players – tennis players did it all.

As per the Sports Management Research Institute, tennis benefits the US economy by contributing $420 million to New York, which is far more than any other sports contribution in any city of the US. It is simply bewildering to believe that almost 3% of tourist to New York City visit solely to have a glimpse of US Open year after year. Tennis players often auction their autographed rackets & sports gear to aid victim of many natural disasters. Nicolas Kiefer moved one step ahead by donation $100 for every ace served & is in the process of organising an exhibition match with top Thai players for raising funds for effected Thai people. Maria Sharapova already made a personal donation of £5,200 to Thailand. Back home, Sania Mirza & Mahesh Bhupati are voluntarily helping Polio & AIDS campaigns. Tennis ace John McEnroe, Martina Navratilova & Jim Courier have not only pledged but also are actively supporting the water campaign as Clean Water Ambassadors. Compared to the monumental contribution off the court, the huge money they earn & victories they achieve seem (with all due respect!) almost immaterial. It’s inevitable that sports endeavours have the prospect to produce huge social & economical footprints in terms of development of mankind & society, much like the way IT has been able to bridge the digital divide between the developed & the undeveloped countries, the rich & the poor & the Whites & the Blacks.

By:- B&E

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