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Size does matter!
Unlike small countries, big nations succeeded in transforming their nations through revolutions

Modern history has been testimony to numerous revolutions, especially the ones which happened in the last two centuries. Most of such uprisings have been made possible or for that matter have been successful simply because of the popular support that it got from the people of the concerned countries. To start with, one of the most important events in modern history has been the American War of Independence which took place in the late 18th century & which sowed the seeds of the formation of the most powerful country in the recent times. It galvanised fifty odd states against an oppressive British rule. The formation of USA has vindicated that revolutions can give rise to successful nation state. Even the formation of the other major power i.e. USSR has been an outcome of the famous Russian Revolution of 1917 which dismantled the Czar & gave way to the formation of the USSR. This entity for more 70 years competed with the capitalist block & made great strides economically, socially & militarily which incidentally might not have been possible without the overthrowing of the Czarist rule. And the fact that China today is a major economic & military power to reckon with, can also be attributed to the modern day China that Mao Zedong gave to shape to in 1949 through his Chinese revolution.

Yet history is also testimony to the fact that while social revolutions have given rise to very successful & large nations, many of the smaller entities got withered away by ethnic rivalries, corruption & lack of governance, even when they have been successful to get rid of their oppressive regimes.

Most of the African nations today witness this very scenario. In the same league if we call the disintegration of USSR as another revolution, one would witness that while the big brother & the new avatar of USSR i.e. Russia, eventually emerged as a much stronger, pragmatic, mature & responsible entity than even USSR, many of its smaller siblings like Georgia, Belarus, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Latvia & Armenia couldn’t actually handle this new found autonomy. In the name of democracy, they became personal fiefdoms of some leaders, leading to misery, poverty, internal conflicts, border tensions & economic collapse. Essentially, the success or failure of a nation depends much on the integrity of its leadership & how much that country develops counter balance of power in its system so that no one has absolute unaccountable authority. Bigger nations have been successful in doing exactly that. And smaller nations will have to emulate that.

By:- B&E

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