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It’s now or never for Cambodia
Cambodia needs to change its tainted image...

Inspite of all the attempts to bury the haunting past of the late 1990s turmoil, the reminiscent of social tensions still plague this nation. For the ordinary Cambodians, civil torture, excessive detention & political violence are still norms rather than exceptions in life. Add to these, discrimination, trafficking & the commercial exploitation of women & children & the plate becomes full. The constitutional shields notwithstanding, child labour is a common issue in the flesh trade industry. Corroborating this with the fact that more than 15% of estimated 50,000 prostitutes are adolescents & are aged between 9 to 15 years. The government has also consistently failed to eradicate political intervention & corruption in judiciary results in rise of extrajudicial institutions. Even after international assistance in preparation of civil code, there seems very little political will to enact them. The deep-rooted political bias & prevalent corruption naturally has its ramification on the society. Corruption seems to be the way of life in all spheres which largely impedes the economy by draining out almost 10% of the GDP. Foreign investors are continuously looking for opportunity of trade in natural resources & investment in industries but then the prolonged regional economic crisis & political backbiting has made sure that foreign investments remain stagnant. Even in absence of turmoil in some regions, the poor management of resources has created structural hindrances to the overall growth. Even though the era of Cambodia’s violent dictator Pol Pot & his Khmer Rouge regime is a thing of the past, its after-effect on Cambodian society seem to be never ending! But this nation has to realise that it is their golden opportunity to make a mark in the world & erase the negative image that Pol Pot & Khmer Rouge has created.

By:- B&E

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