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From dream to nightmare...
Nigeria has only itself to blame for its current scenario…

Even in the 7th year of democratic rule, Nigeria is still, less of democracy & more of something else. While social & democratic consolidation still remains contentious issues, the country is still hostage at large to some self proclaimed godfathers of the nation.

With 130 million population & an oil output of 2.5 million barrel per day (increasing to 4 million within a decade), Nigeria is an ideal example of how a wonderful dream can become the worst nightmare. Twenty years of brutal & corrupt military rule made sure that whatever chances it had to be among the top African nations, got nullified. Politics in federal, state or local levels are dominated by mandarins who have made a profession out of pilfering public wealth for metamorphosing personal fortunes & nurture personal militias to safeguard that fortune. More often than not instigating armed conflicts in oil rich areas is a big money spinner for them. The presence of more than 250 ethnic groups with unique customs has made sure that social harmony remains a daydream. Different political parties in state governments from federal are roasting federal-state relation. Basic amenities like health, transport or electricity still remain beyond the reach of the common man. All these made sure that it gets the dubious distinction of being named to be among the least liveable nations by United Nations. Police torture & military brutality remains rampant.

Incidents of gunfire to innocent women who protested MNCs in delta regions for lack of investment in community development or police firing on Abuja market traders for non-payment of bribes, amply vindicates how much the country is in dire need of the right kind of social and political revolution. Yet this still remains as distant from reality as it gets! Will it wake up or slip further?

By:- B&E

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