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Adieu to misery? Still not done...
Except crime, nothing is growing...

The world associates Guyana more with ‘Jonestown’, the murder-suicide of the priest Jim Jones’ thousand followers in Guyana in 1978 than as the lowest populated American nation. Jonestown was a gloomy representation of Guyana’s struggles at a crossroad of totalitarian governance.

However, much has changed since then. Forbes Burnham with his political party, People’s National Congress, has been replaced by People’s Progressive Party. But, Guyana finds itself again at a crossroad because of a combination of political, environmental & economical problems as the country come to grip with democratic governance & liberal economics. Caribbean Developmental Bank stated in 2003 that Guyana achieved GDP-per capita of $986 & with mere 0.7% growth. Though, later the economy has recuperated to 3.2% growth in 2006 but it still remains hopelessly one of the poorest economies in western hemisphere. Despite debt relief from developed economies & international financial agencies, it carried a debt burden of $1.08 billion in 2004. The 2005’s highest rainfall since 1988 has caused severe damage, costing US$500 million to the economy & the consequences seriously tested efficiency & effectiveness of the government. Dynamics of party campaign financing is an example of how illegal entrepreneurs & few affluent individuals influence electoral selection & civic policy. Horrific crimes like murders have declined but kidnappings, arm robberies increased by 50% in 2005 over previous year. While the government has miles to go, it needs to resolve the issues with judiciary which will fortify the transparency of judiciary chancellor appointment, which in turn is expected to fortify the transparency of judiciary system. But then, are they listening???

By:- B&E

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