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Still in the search of respite…
Borrowed vision cannot save it...

Consistently retaining its place in the list of the ten most poorest countries of the world is Malawi. As per HDI 2006, about 65.3% of the people are below national poverty line & approximately 43% below the international poverty line.

Malawi is being macerated not just by poverty, huge debts, poor education & environmental problems but also by health problems like Tuberculosis which has evoked the need for a nick name called ‘The Big Cough’. The economical scenario is beleaguering big time with a per capita income of merely $600. Of the population consisting of 10 million people, 6.53 million people are poor in Malawi, about 90% stay in the tribal villages thereby earning their living through fishing, farming or through tobacco production, which also happens to be the country’s key agricultural source. Malawi garners 90% of its export earnings from agricultural goods & the its GNP owes 38% to agriculture, vindicating the overriding dependency on agriculture of this poverty ridden country. To worsen matters, the country is also witnessing a rise in number of HIV victims. Malawi’s economy is apparently following a steep downward sloping curve. Despite the retrogressive nature of the country, it would not be an overstatement to say that Malawi can still recuperate from its contemptible state. Apart from being the member of several international organisations, Malawi has always treaded the part of a pro-Western foreign policy. Apart from maintaining cordial relation with big names like the US, Canada, Germany, Ireland, the World Bank & IMF, Malawi is also focusing on community empowerment through the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper, which was introduced in 2002. Along with the Malawi National Tuberculosis Control Programme, Fresh Water Project, Euthini Water & Sanitation Project etc are definite steps towards right direction, but then these intervention are too limited considering the depth of predicament. The transition would be challenging but then that’s how great nations are made.

By:- B&E

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