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Triumph of the great human spirit
Paralympics hopefully can do for them, what the society could not...

Philosophers and revolutionaries often proclaim that all are equal. In fact, equality is one of humanity’s insightful aspirations and the very foundation of justice. Interestingly, sports & equality are closely associated. Sports have mitigated White’s superiority over Blacks & ushered equality among races. And it is now, Paralympics, the international sport event for handicapped, which is endeavouring to restore some pride in the lives of 500 million disabled population of the world.

Sir Ludwig Guttman, the ‘father’ of sports for the people with disability, realised the need of competition among them. His rather infamous wheelchair game for disabled has become one of the largest international sporting event i.e. Paralympics. Popularity of Paralympics did remove some of the inhibitions of the disabled community. It is akin to Olympics and the next one would be hosted by China. It would perhaps go a long way to change the attitude & curb discrimination that 80 million Chinese face daily. They are discriminated everywhere. Only 63% of the disabled children attend school. Hurdles & miseries of disabled are not only confined to China, they are ill-treated in almost all Asian countries. Institutes intentionally take tough physical exams to reject qualified disabled. Most of the public places are still not disable-friendly.

However, Paralympics is still confined to elite class. Thus, vast part of the disabled community is still out of its purview. Strangely enough, this mankind and his society which shows so much concern for the preservation of flora & fauna facing extinction. Yet this very mankind fails to offer minimum dignity which their lesser fortunate brethren rightly deserve. Paralympics would do what mankind as a whole could not.

By:- B&E

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