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Where a failed state is a norm than exception…
Zimbabwe would just add to the long list of failed African nations, if not acted upon soon!

With the onset of this millennium, when the world pledged to fast forward development and make it more sustainable, Zimbabwe initiated a backward journey into an era of turmoil, anarchy and something which can be compared to reverse apartheid. An apocalyptic 7,634.8% rate of inflation…that is Zimbabwe’s brief resume for the world. The controversial Land Reform Programme, the prolonged clash with the judiciary and the emergence of irrelevant price & exchange rate control mechanism, has relegated the country to irrelevance. Today the economy is characterised by both high inflation and high unemployment – the perfect recipe to bring down an economy; as a result of which 80% Zimbabweans live below the poverty line and making sure that what was once the strongest economy of Africa, has now been reduced to rubbles. With severe shortage of basic necessities becoming a perennial affair, the chances of the economy’s restoration is dim in the short run. Apart from the economical fiasco, there also exists political furore in the country. Conflicts within the Zanu-PF party, the dictatorial tendencies of President Robert Mugabe, police attack on the opposition movements over demands for democratic change have also contributed to its falling growth line. There’s an old saying that you can take a horse to water but cannot make it drink. Zimbabwe exemplifies how getting rid of colonialism does not guarantee the shaping of a better society in the realm of that country. Inspite of being endowed with rich mineral resources, Zimbabwe is surely trudging the way travelled by the likes of Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Rwanda… the reward of which is more anarchy and more turmoil. Throwing Whites away is one activity but to govern a country of unruly populace is something else. May sanity prevail someday.

By:- B&E

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