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Where solution is problem…
Honest intention or propaganda can’t serve Africa

Setting a vision is a step ahead of accomplishment. However, leaders of African Union have set a vision to establish ‘United States of Africa’ by 2025, which would be the largest economical & political bloc & a potential pioneer of next millennium. But, unfortunately the majestic vision seems to be more of a myth than reality. Perhaps, policy makers’ honest intention to end 500 years’ sufferings from slavery, exploitation & oppression will only gift Africa more pandemonium. Marcus Garvey’s phrase ‘United States of Africa’ in his poem ‘Hail’ created revolutionary movement in the region. Much of the credit goes to Muammar Gaddafi, Libya’s colonel for championing the idea of USA. But, the fact is that the current movement is nothing new but a repeat reverberation of Pan-Africanism. Reality seems to be far distant. Regional interest & external meddling stands like stumbling stocks. Moreover, ethnic conflict is an incurable social disease repelling Africa.

Efficacy of Southern African Development Community which is specialised for development in southern region has been diminishing owing to political divergence between South Africa & Zimbabwe. Similarly, Kenya, Tanzania & Uganda are frantically besieging to revitalise their Eastern community which collapsed in 70s due to ideological & political disparity. Most importantly, underdeveloped nations are yet to realise the propaganda of rich nations like Libya, Nigeria & South Africa. Be it UNDP Human Development Index or transparency in governance, almost all African countries rank terribly low. The region enriched with natural resources unfortunately loses billions (over $16 billion per year) due to conflicts. Thus, before the prophetic vision turns into a nightmare, it is important for Africa to restore order in individual countries first, before thinking of any further integration.

By:- B&E

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