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Evil in power
That too in a pious land of Saudi Arabia…

The rule of kingdom is a bygone in 21st century. And for good, perhaps as kingdoms seldom created selfless kings .It has always been criticised for being unjust , unkind & authoritative. Surprisingly, the most pious land, Saudi Arabia, the birth place of Islam, is still shockingly backward, when it comes to political reforms. Power is confined to few people who are ruling the nation. The country has emerged among the wealthiest nations due to its vast reserve of oil but this has not transformed into prosperity for the mass. Stability & security of the region remains at the interest of the ruling family. But, how long can it go? The kingdom’s deliberate refusal to tolerate any opposition as well as democratic reforms is making Arabians discontent. People on demonstrations & protests are not hidden anymore. In 2003, reform minded groups consisting of Shiite representatives, businessmen, intellectuals handed over two petitions to Crown Prince Abdullah demanding war on corruption, independence of judiciary, equality of women and introduction of elections. Again, last year a group of Saudi citizens presented a petition with a completely different take, stating that they want the royal family to be constitutional monarchy & power be transferred to institutions elected by free & fair elections. The prince brazenly promised but when the day of reckoning came, he was recklessly absent. Again, reformists are invited to the royal residence in a seminar in Mecca. When they claimed reforms, high officials tried to divide them on sectarian ground.

However, nature’s rule can’t be denied – everything has an end. Journey has started. Talal Bin Abdul-Aziz, a half-brother of King Abdullah for the first time declared for a new political party to challenge those few holding power for seven decades. He demanded urgent release of reform activists. But, is it easy to get reforms? Not really perhaps, but not impossible if the world order, led by the US, pressurises for it, albeit of course, if it suits their purpose.

By:- B&E

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