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Reveals nothing
This time apparels reveal nothing but hide everything!

Behind those glittering & glamorous fashions shows, those expensive & branded apparels and those booming textile news is the gloomy life of millions of labourers. This dual-faced textile world employs more than 35 million labourers across India. The recent news of breaching of international labour standards by Primark & Mothercare is neither a new phenomenon nor an exception. The Sumangali Scheme introduced by textile owners in Coimbatore is a case in point. On the surface, this scheme looks alluring and seducing as it promise a handsome amount at the end of work tenure, but behind this gloomy scheme runs a trap wherein adolescent girls get trapped in. This scheme recruits young, unmarried girls for three years & are forced to work in unfavourable condition without proper breaks. In another incident, a pregnant garment factory worker was forced to deliver a baby on the street as her manager was rigid with paper work and also didn’t allow any of fellow mates to accompany her to the hospital. If all this was epitome of exploitation than the epitome of hypocrisy was practised by Jeans Knit Pvt. Ltd., who on one hand was involved in raising awareness of violations at international jeans forum, Fibres & Fabrics International, whereas on other hand was involved in cyber crime, acts of racist & criminal offence. Until the authorities move to regulate the policies, the facade behind the show of glamour will remain horrible.

By:- B&E

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