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Pity...teacher is called ‘guru’
but is it reciprocated?

The world today is frustrated to such superlatives that all it can do is to take out its nuisance on the innocuous creatures who can’t even defend themselves. According to a survey, in excess of 65% of the children surveyed, agreed to have been victims of corporal punishment, where over 62% of the students on which the same was inflicted were in government schools and municipality schools. Although the National Policy for Education which was modified in 1992 proscribed corporal punishment across the country, the states have chosen to follow their respective set of rules. An 11 year old girl has been beaten up in Bengalooru by seven of her teachers for not doing her homework. In Andhra Pradesh, a 10 year old girl has been tormented with electric shocks by her principal – an event that triggered fear and hatred for school and education in the hearts of so many who witnessed the viciousness. In West Bengal, a furor was created when a tuft of hair was pulled out from the head of a young girl. In Ulhasnagar, a 10 year old was brutally beaten up and locked up in a room. In Rajasthan, corporal punishment saw the vilest façade when a twelfth grade student died after being hit hard on the chest with a cane by the teacher. Nothing can be more intriguing than the fact that India needs laws and not conscience to stop this persecution.

By:- B&E

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