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Dark age... Naah!
Forces of nature – wind and water – to our rescue again

And God said, “Let there be light, and there was light.” But would this same wish be of any utility when it comes to coal? Well, we wish it could. Yet the stark reality presents a different picture.

Nothing is clandestine about the fact that in about 75 years from now the world will have used up its coal resources along with many other forms of fossil energy. Now the million dollar question remains that how does the world tackle this crisis? How would the world brighten up their nights again? With technology evangelists leaving no stones unturned to find solutions to all kinds of problems, be it fighting a life-threatening heart disease or taming a humongous hurricane, should it come as a surprise if science comes up with another overwhelming solution? If yes, then get ready for the new surprise – here comes the massive wave turbines and the huge electric generators for our rescue again. For those wondering what it is about, it is as simple as making use of the most abundant resources that earth has to offer, wind and water. The Energetech is a major breakthrough of its kind.

The Sydney based company which has been contemplating of tapping Thermal Energy since the last 200 years is investigating the incorporation worth $40 million plant, which could cater electricity to almost 30,000 homes or sufficient desalinated water for more than 50,000 homes. The Greater Gabbard Offshore Winds Ltd. is initiating the largest ever off-shore wind turbines which will provide electricity to nearly 415,000 homes after its completion in 2010.

These were only to name a few. But generation of electricity by the newer and more unconventional means is now on the rise and eventually would become a norm than exception. Thanks to such innovations, even after 75 years from now there will still be light...

By:- B&E

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