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It’s water’s turn to get extinct...
Encourage sustainable use of ground water...or else...

Water and life are synonymous. And this needs no explanation. Inspite of two-thirds of the earth being water, quite unfortunately, water crisis is one of the most pertinent issues across the globe today. India is no exception. Ground water in India is depleting rapidly due to indiscriminate exploitation for irrigation, production of cold drinks as well as bottled water etc. Consider this: Central Ground Water Board (CGWB) has stated that ground water level in 362 districts of 23 states has declined by a staggering 20cm per year (during pre-monsoon) in a span of ten years during 1995-2004. Furthermore, there were around 1000 blocks out of 5,723 which have suffered from excessive tapping of ground water. In many blocks of Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Orissa & Rajasthan water now has essentially become salty. Moreover, ground water has receded to inaccessible depths and also become unfit for human use because of pollution. Is it sensible to ignore this problem especially when ground water meets 80 to 90% of drinking water requirements and over 70% of irrigational needs? Giving subsidised electricity to farmers also leads to over-exploitation. Today, the situation is such the Centre’s National Water Policy-2002 is not enough. In fact, strong political will and extensive drive for water harvesting through water pricing which reflects scarcity value & promotes judicious use of water can ensure sustainablility of ground water. Either we realise this or else be prepared for a waterless life, or death.

By:- B&E

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