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Gotra, the new divider after caste
Get ready for the longer list of people waiting for reservation

That India is a land of diversity is nothing but a blatant truth…what with the diversities in not just the geography and culture but also in the gotras. India has as many as 49 established Hindu gotras and the brahmic gotras hover somewhere between 50 to 100…Ahem! Atreya, Garga, Gautam, Kapi, Kaundinya, Harita, Mudgal, Lohit, Lakhi, Sangar, Soral, Upamanyu, Vatsa et al. Well, the diversity in gotras really do not bother anyone much really, of course other than the Registrar General of India (RGI). The overwhelming number of gotras becomes pretty delirious when it comes to preparing an OBC census for India. The fact that these gotras are interchangeable actually makes the OBC list go haywire. For everybody out there who thinks that how does OBC list affect anyone in anyway, think again… longer the OBC list larger might be quotas allotted to them, a matter which has never ceased from making a ruckus. Moreover, how would the Centre allocate funds for OBCs if there is a perpetual dilemma about the OBC population in the country? So much for the Mandal Commission pinning the OBC population at 52% in 1931 and NSSO bringing it down to 40% since then. It’s strange how the gotras can actually trigger off such a ripple effect and how a social taxonomy, which has originated way back in history, is still continuing to cleavage itself in such important aspects of the present. Well, that’s all for the differences. Can anyone please find a uniting factor for us?

By:- B&E

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