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Beyond India....
Bollywood gets its recognition

Albert Einstein once rightly said, “The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once”, and that’s why maybe with the change in time, the face of Indian cinema is also changing.

Gone are days when Indian movies had a reputation of being a melodrama which gave the audience singing and dancing around trees – a reason to applaud for. Today, Indian cinema has gone global. What with the Australian Film Festival starting with Gandhi – My Father, Eklavya being screened across 80 screens in the US, Provoked having being screened across 35 screens in the UK and Cheeni Kum generating an exorbitant $655,246 from the US and $675,251 from the UK? Also ready to make a lot of heads turn is the interestingly woven movie called The Last Lear which was screened in a big way in Toronto Film Festival. A new era has not just dawned for Indian movies but the hourglass also seems to have turned for Indian artists. India and Indian movies have not just started reflecting the talent of Indian artists but have also stirred inquisitiveness pertaining to Indian culture and history. Why else would Ben Kinsley not just produce a movie based on the Taj Mahal but also act in it himself? With so much happening in this fraternity, though its time to cheer, still there’s the gap with Hollywood that’s left to be filled. We are waiting to applaud, Indian cinema!

By:- B&E

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