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...but not in the right way

During any brutal natural hazard, be it drought or flood, no specie on this Earth is spared. Not even humans. All the meteorologists, agriculturalists, hydrologists or socialists can only make a mountain out of a mole-hill. The best example of this is the land of kangaroos – Australia. While the continent is experiencing the worst kind of drought in its thousand years’ history, incorrect rain forecasting has completely washed out farmers’ stocks too.

Reports state that some parts of Australia suffer from droughts once in every 18 years. While some are long-lived, some are short, causing significant damages every time they occur. But this year’s drought redefined the very concept of severity. It has experienced minimum wheat production for the last 12 years which is nearly 62% less than that of last year. Furthermore, politicisation of weather forecasting by Australian Bureau of Meteorology has finally dashed even the last resort of the farmer. Farmers had even sold their reserve crops because of false hopes by meteorologists. As rain took a u-turn, they are now paying twice the price to buy the same wheat for subsistence. Without considering long term problems like decreasing water level in Murray-Darling River Basin which provides over 75% water to the country and rising temperature, the government is busy in hyping their aid to farmers.

Natural calamities might not be prevented but damages can be reduced by taking prior precautions and fair forecasting. But what can one do when perpetrators don’t do justice to their job and instead propagate weather forecasting in connivance with politicians for their self-serving interests? Well, what’s happening in Australia is not something new. As for ages this has happened with mankind when the powers that be have used means to betray no one but their own who trusted them. Yet the end result is known to even the uninitiated. Remember the French Revolution??

By:- B&E

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