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Ploughing it rich
Poll brings prosperity finally

Election has always been important landmark for Poland, especially after separating itself from Soviet Union in 1989. It is generally termed as a historic battle between light and dark, and finally it has succeeded to bring egalitarian regime in 90s, when Communism collapsed, across the Eastern Province. But the land had always been in limbo. The dilemma of nationalism and closer ties to the EU. Thus, the recent election was very important to purge the limbo and decide what people want.

Poles have always fought for peace. Though, Poland regained its independence in 1918, but Nazi Germany controlled it till the end of World War II, followed by USSR. Among the countries involved in the WW II, Poland lost highest percentage of citizens. Over six million perished, half of them being Jews. However, Poland has recuperated steadfastly and become a successful nation to bring economic prosperity and social upliftment to its citizens.

Poland has for decades been a serious bone of contention between USSR & the NATO bloc. Yet its joining of the NATO not only strengthened both Poland and pro-market ideology but was also a death blow for Russia. Poland was followed by many other Warsaw Pact countries to join NATO and even send soldiers to Iraq, much to the dismay and discomfort of Russia who too has been on a spree in the recent past to get back its lost turf. Yet the election of Donald Tusk put at rest all the dilemmas of Poland playing far greater role with the framework of the European Union in the near future. For western Europe, Poland has always been a test case. If Poland becomes successful to get counted among the most successful nations of the EU, then it would not only give impetus to the expansion of the EU but would inspire other Warsaw Pact countries to follow suit. At a time when influence of France & Spain is declining, this country has the best chance to be the next flag bearer of Europe.

By:- B&E

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