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Reality in aiding
HRI can make a difference

Inspite of topping the list of countries providing aids to the world, the US is ranked as low as 16th among 23 nations and European Commission, when it comes to true humanitarian aids. A Humanitarian Response Index (HRI), formulated by former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan and Spain-based NGO DARA, has ranked Sweden first, followed by Norway, Denmark, Netherlands and then EC on the basis of donorship.

The first of its kind of index, HRI has focused more on the principles and good practices of donorship, along with its impact on eradicating sufferings while also taking care of needs and necessities that support long-term upliftment rather than mere political favour. It has over 57 indicators. Most of the top ranking countries are high, when it comes to transparency in giving funds, in cash, following it up till the projects pass the parliamentary review and other indicators. The US has ranked high in collaborating with NGOs and accountability but scores lowest in neutrality and independence. However, growth in number of NGOs, social workers and human rights groups has perhaps surpassed that of MNCs in the service of humanitarian aids. Amount and number of government aids has also increased manifold. When many NGOs, governments are alleged to be biased in giving aids to their donors or allies, then such index can give perfect measure to improve their efficiencies provided if they don’t take it as mere ‘name and shame’ game. Can they hear!!

By:- B&E

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