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Investments defended
Defense industry is triggering big money

With Russia’s sale of defence equipments hitting a high of $5 billion and with ostentatious contracts worth over $13 billion, the country surely seems to be back in business. And it sure looks as if Russia will soon give a cut-throat competition to the US, which is not just currently basking in the glorious reputation of being the world’s largest producer of arms but is also apparently a client snatcher of Russia…Ahem…US defence industry or its Russian counterpart, whom to vouch for? A linger followed by some ponder is definitely worth it because the defence industry all over the world is talking millions of dollars, if not more and the military aviation sure seems to play a pivotal role out here…what with an F-22 Raptor worth $339 million, receiving an FOC status in Virginia, with US Army’s AMCOM giving a $42 million contract to DRS Technologies Inc., with CAE bagging a contract worth Aus$180 million from Australian defence forces for training to fly MRH90 helicopters and with Saudi Arabia in talks with Britain over a deal in Eurofighter, worth $8.9 billion (with press reports however contemplating the deal size to be anything between $20 billion to $40 billion). And as if that’s not enough, Hungary, Sweden and Finland are also picking up with their Gripen Fighter Aircrafts and the Nato Helicopter 90 respectively. With so much happening in the defence industry, it could surely be stated without any of doubt that this is the place to harvest money.

By:- B&E

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