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Will Middle-East conflicts end?
Solution lies in their interests, not only in peace conferences

Middle-East, though continues to geo-politically important, also has been instrumental in generating maximum complexities to the world affairs. Surprisingly, there has also been reluctance in global initiatives and participation, in resolving its conflicts. Though, Mr. Bush has finally succeeded to sponsor Annapolis peace conference in his last year of presidency and has also succeeded in leaving some positive implications. Instances of sympathy, empathy and donations from many donor countries and organisations in the Paris conference, held just after Annapolis conference, are some examples.

Israel had captured Gaza strip and West Bank during Arab-Israel war in 1967, occupied Golan Heights, then annexed it in 1981. Abbas’s inability to fight for peace and justice has kept the continent in pandemonium. Last few decades have witnessed failure of Israel’s, Palestine’s, even Arab’s call for peace. These remained theatrics, mere exercise of photo, handshakes sessions. Annapolis was also expected to be same. But it is drawing global attention and sympathy. Over 90 countries and international organisations have pledged $7.4 billion to save Palestine from bankruptcy in the Paris conference. However, the trend seems positive but long term resolutions remains cynical. The aid can only save the country from bankruptcy, but is not the solution for the moribund Palestine economy. The last decade of Bush’s Middle East journey is enough to witness America’s self-interest. Thus the solution is not in hand of the US alone, proactive participation by responsible world powers e.g. Russia, Germany, French and the UK is urgent and only option now. But will they realise full potential of their accountability?

By:- B&E

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