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‘Kingdom of God is within you’
Peace, pride and prosperity can’t be imposed, bought or sold

The maxim, “the Rabbit that stays in a hole must be ready to face the hunter’s fire,” aptly defines the problems that most of poor African and Asian countries encounter. And if the World Bank floods these poor economies with aids, they will remain poor in the next century. The world has to realise that poverty, health, money are not problems of Africa. It is their failure to realise their own role to come out from the anarchy and shame. Aids, donations and sympathy from the developed world have never helped them; these have in fact, made them more dependent to godfathers, colonisers and aid giving countries.

The only continent blessed with natural resources, comprising of petroleum, diamond, metals; Africa failed to reap off these. If godfathers are only to be blamed; then South Korea, India faced much traumatic, horrifying, colonial history. Still, S. Korea is 30 times richer than Zimbabwe in terms of PPP. The crux of the problem is exclusively on poor quality of governance. Economic boom of Botswana and shrinking future of Zimbabwean economy proves how quality of governance makes vast difference in last few decades. The history is not different in most African countries. Moreover, illiterate local tribal leaders, corrupt politicians, officials, local police, mafias have left nothing good in their countries.

The World Bank urges developed nations to aid poor countries. They are doing so. External annual aids to Africa are going to touch $25 billion by 2010. Aid is really not helping them. Peace in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Angola, Ethiopia and Eritrea is in progress and even Congo is now better than what it was a year ago, as they all strived for it. Aids have put these countries on crutches. Over-dependence on aids has discouraged entrepreneurial spirits, proactive participation on revenue generation and fuelled bribery, corruption et al. The World Bank has to keep in mind that pride and prosperity can neither be imposed nor be bought or sold. Those who have fought and strived for development, have achieved it. But will the World Bank heed to this?

By:- B&E

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