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Who will witness s(elections)?
World may not witness a major transformation in 2008

Election has always been crucial for the future of any nation. Though 2008 is a crucial year because there is election in most of world powers or dominating countries but estimations show that there will hardly be any major change in their leadership. Ramifications of elections in major countries may remain skeptic and theatrics.

Inspite of much hue and cry, election in the US will be worth watching closely. The US election seems to be more of a race between many bright leaders than two political parties. And in rest of the countries, it will be selection, rather than election. Russia, Zimbabwe, Cuba are also going to have presidential elections in 2008. Putin might replace himself with a new face but leadership will remain with him. Castro is thinking of retirement but he or his legacy will remain to dictate Cuba’s destiny. President Robert Mugabe remains irreplaceable since 1980s. And election in Pakistan is never 100% election. It always waits for resurrection. Whatever the outcome, Musharraf will remain the strongman backed by influential military. In other countries going to polls, there will be a minor leadership change in Egypt, Syria, North Korea, Turkmenistan, Zimbabwe, Belarus, Venezuela, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

In the era when democracy proves to be the only major recipe for success over other political ideologies and seems to be the only solution for human rights, equality, corruption, and tool for any other way of socio-economic upliftment, the year might not witness a major transformation from the prevailing status. Future of many countries remains in the hands of few individuals. Where the solution lies then? Perhaps, an alien can answer this than a conscientious person…

By:- B&E

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