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Stabbing by the own brethrens
It’s for the second time that India is involved in fraud in health

It is now two years in a row that Indian had been found to be engaged in fraud in health schemes by the World Bank. Last year, the World Bank barred two Indian pharmaceutical firms, from doing business with the institution for “corruption practices” related to a health project. This year again, World Bank had uncovered “serious incidents” of fraud and corruption in five health projects in India. The projects involved in the latest review included a $193.7 million programme to tackle HIV/Aids, a $124.8million tuberculosis scheme and a $114million malaria programme.

The GoI and the World Bank have mutually decided to fight corruption and scrutinise the ongoing and future projects. The World Bank has further directed its bank’s anti-corruption unit, the Department of Institutional Integrity, to pursue evidence for legal action. According to report there were weaknesses and systematic flaws in project design. It’s no surprise that India scored very high, repeatedly, in corruption and bribery perception index. These frauds are not only deteriorating India’s image on global forum but also depriving million of diseased people from getting proper medical facility. This repeated corruption track record would also de-motivate global forums and other donators from helping India’s worst-offs. These projects, if executed well, would help eradicate the three most deadly diseases which India faces. These frauds is actually a stab on the back of one’s countrymen.

By:- B&E

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