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Caters to all citizens’ demands
Blind to caste, creed, sex and ethinicity... beyond discrimination

The Australian feminist economist Rhonda Sharp first realised the need of a gender responsive budget, gender-based assessment of budget, including a gender perspective at all levels of the budgetary process and restructuring revenues and expenditures in order to promote gender equality. Since inception, over 50 countries have adopted it. France incorporated gender related budget statement and a fixed ministerial expenditure since 2000. Government offices in developed and advanced countries like Australia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Ireland, Nordic countries and many developing countries like Rwanda, South Africa & Uganda have taken gender issues seriously.

This gives equal opportunities to all categories of citizens, regarding their rights and demands, which it incorporates, to uplift them, irrespective of caste, creed & language, ethnicity et al.

It should have found adoption in a country like India, where discriminations exists in various hues and cleavages – castes, races, cultures & religions, and women being sidelined while children are deprived of their basic rights – as a gender responsive approach can create a common platform for their basic rights. It has provisions for various demand-driven-approaches like those for minorities, various castes, classes & ethnicity based, which can be lucrative initiatives for the country, especially after reports such like Sachar Committee. Though, there have been many ambiguous voices in UPA Government about gender related issues, it is far from actually being taken into account in a ‘globalised’ country like India!

By:- B&E

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