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It focuses more on performance
Budget process governed by 3Es - economy, efficiency & effectiveness

One more form of budget, which has great significance is performance based budgeting. It is a unique and most advanced way of budgeting, in which the ultimate goal of policy makers becomes a set of performance factors – and developing strategies to achieve them. There are three pillars of this form of budgeting, which are often called 3E! Economy: focusing on cost of inputs with appropriate quality and quantity of financial, human resources. Efficiency: evaluating the relation between output and input. Effectiveness: what is the extent to which goals have been achieved. The speciality of performance budgeting is that it sets up targets to be achieved, comparing the country with the international arena using a few key performance indicators (KPIs) to relate performance with available resources; added to this is the performance scorecard approach, where KPIs are examined and the connections between causes and effects are established.

The world’s most successful countries like Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, UK, France, US, Canada etc. use quality/efficiency/effectiveness indicators to prepare government budgets. Most importantly, international institutions like the World Bank and IMF provide technical and training support to countries that want to adopt performance budgeting. For India, the largest democratic nation, it is high time we incorporate such a model. India then can aptly compare itself globally with key indicators, the way most developed countries have done so. Setting key social, economical and political achievements, it can frame strategies at a micro-level to attain them. In the present conventional budget, where there is no link between budget appropriations and outputs delivered, India can identify its desired outcome by preparing appropriate approaches incorporating a path to progress towards the budget.

By:- B&E

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