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Corrupt sports
All forms of bribery present here

It is a general notion that corruption in sports governing bodies is limited to developing countries only. But not quite, though. The highest governing body in sports, International Olympic Committee had accepted bribes- in the form of cash, entertainment, business favors, travel expenses, medical expenses, and even college tuition fees for members’ children. There were seven high level inquiries held into the Olympic Games city-bidding process recently.

It includes US-based probe into Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympics; an Australian enquiry into Sydney Olympic Games, an investigation in Japan and 2012 Olympic Games in London. There are 30 or more than a quarter of suspected delegates in IOCs own enquiry. The US Olympic Committee Ethics panel probe into Salt Lake City bid, in which $1.2 million was paid to IOC delegates to secure their votes. David F. D’Allessandro, President of John Hancock described the Sydney Olympic Games bidding process as a “clear cut” case of bribery and denounced the IOCs response as a “classic cover up”. Bidding for 2012 Olympic Games in London is also riddled with corruption, with so-called “agents” promising to deliver dozens of IOC votes in return for bribes, an undercover BBC TV programme claimed. After Los Angeles made $215 million profit from 1984 Olympic Games by selling exclusive rights to various corporate sponsorship categories –a scramble began between cities for the right to host the games and secure profits that could be made in tourism, construction, transport, and other industries. As competition between companies and cities increased, and profit climbed, so did opportunities for bribery and corruption, for IOC and indiviudals.

IOCs nepotism, vote-selling and other forms of corruption are now coming to light with no surprise. They are infact inevitable by-products of vast sums of money and multi-million dollar profits surrounding the event.

By:- B&E

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