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The next 75 for the next 75...
The next 75 months would invariably decide the course of the next 75 years feels pathikrit payne of IIPM Think Tank

An era is like a living being. And just like every child whose formative years act as harbinger of what he might shape up to later on, for every era, the beginning of it always acts in a similar way, giving a hint to what is in the offing. This millennium has perhaps seen more activity in just eight years than probably what many centuries might have not seen. Not that no other century witnessed wars and mayhem but probably never before, the endeavor for war and annihilation have coexisted with relentless march for peace. Never before the tirade against racism been as severe as have been now and yet more people die due to ethnic violence now than ever before. Never before the conquest of science over epidemics been so absolute and yet never before the mankind has faced so helpless against the crusade of HIV, cancer, Alzheimer and Parkinson’s as it has been now. Never before the world has spent so much on arms production and yet never before mankind has been concerned about the uselessness of it. Never before the world has made so much wealth and yet never before the money-makers been so moved by the destitution of nearly half of mankind. And finally never before imperial Europe of the past has been a silent testimony to the ascent of third world and had to grudgingly accept the inevitable without any means to go for an outright war however much might the urge be. Everything said and done this century is crucial for not just humanity but for mother earth as well as this century or probably the next 75 years might actually decide whether mankind eventually would survive the crusade of no one else but mankind himself. And the next 75 month might just decide the course of the next 75 years.
The next 75 months or around six years is not a long time when compared even to a century instead of eternity. But these six years and three months are crucial as it would decide whether the world to love to hate China’s polices and continue to adore its products with affection or that the hatred for Chinese geopolitical policies would eventually have its fallout on its economy. The next six years would also determine as to what course India would take. Whether India would be withered by the myopic and self-serving policies of it’s government busy enough with the tensions of its own survival to ignore the future or whether India’s growth fuelled by Indian companies and Indians would eventually outweigh the ineffectiveness of its government would be a issue to take keen interest on.

The next six year would crucially decide USA’s future as to whether it, in-spite of the change in government, would continue to follow the reckless misadventures in the Middle East and elsewhere or whether there would be a change of heart. Everything said and done, it would not help the cause of innovation and furthering the cause of reduction of global malaises if the downslide of both of USA’s economy and popularity continues unabated. If things go for better and if sanity prevails in taking correct steps towards similar reconciliation with Iran as was done with North Korea then it would go a long way in not just reducing the tensions of an ensuing war but would also go a long way in making sure that the price of crude oil is given a breather.

The next 75 months would also give an idea as to whether European Union would emerge as the next big dud like the dotcom bubble or would be something worth its weight in gold. One doesn’t need to keep the Goldman Sachs report or the Pricewaterhouse Coopers reports on finger tips to witness the decline of the economies of France, UK, Germany or Italy.

By:- B&E

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