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e-Waste at large
money overshadows health

When the entire world is frightened about global warming and its glory to extinct the world, here is another man-made curse, disposal of e-waste from the developed world out of their selfish-profit-driven attitude. Human greed for a little gold, copper like few valuable metals lead to illegal export of these e-waste in spite of strict safety rules in the US and in international agreements & Europeans regulations. China is becoming the dump yard for 70% of around 20-30 million tons of global e-waste consisting of computers, TVs, fridges, washing machines et al recycled annually. And more with the US topping the charts for all the littering. US’s idea is to evade redundant expenditure when they can export e-waste at a price which is ten times lesser than the price they would have to otherwise pay if they would dispose off the e-waste at home, even if it comes at the cost of dilapidated health of many. Towns in China truly would intrigue many as to why would a country traversing the path of sustained growth risk the lives of its citizens for a mere $2-$4 per man day. The burning of PVC cables and the dipping of circuit boards in acid albeit helps retrieve some copper and gold, but these precious metals are overpriced. Importantly, poisonous fumes intoxicating the air which people breathe and polluting of the rivers and underground water which have become undrinkable.

While there are many scope of policy improvements and requirements, developing countries have to focus more on scientific way of disposing such e-waste. And its really a matter of shame that even such developed responsible nation like US neglect basel conventions.

By:- B&E

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