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No vehicle to fly
IAF is in dearth of fighter squadron

Indian defense always seems to be dearth of some or other things. There is already a dearth of officers clubbed with delay in their infrastructural projects. Recently there has been one more problem added to its kitty. Indian AirForce is not able to achieve its sanctioned strength of 39.5 fighter squadrons and its estimated that it will be unable to achieve it even by 2017. The IAF is down to just about 30-32 squadrons (each has 12 to 18 jets), and worst yet, the older MiG variants are ready to take retirement. Even after new orders and procurement, India will manage to add only 35.5 fighter squadrons by the end of 2012 and 37.5 squadrons by end of 2017. With geopolitical tension between India-china, and India-Pakistan, it’s really important for AirForce to have adequate number of fighters. IAF needs at least 44 squadrons in order to address the possible contingency. If IAF needs to fight both China and Pakistan simultaneously, it needs, at minimum, 55 squadrons. Moreover, Pakistan is in process of procuring 36 more F-16s and 250 JF-17 ‘Thunder’ fighters in near future and is also testing its missiles, that has a range to hit targets anywhere in India. Just imagine the extent of problems faced by these soldiers with lack of officers, no proper infrastructure and now with shortage of fighter squadrons. And then we expect so much...

By:- B&E

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