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No balls, we say
Football is almost a lost cause

Football?!? Who plays football in India? Oh, you mean the school kids in the other block! That’s ok. Professionals don’t play football in India. And we suspect, they never will... Though India is one of the pioneering nations in Asian Football, its current state is pitiable to say the least. The FIFA Chief Stepper Blatter did visit India [he described her prospect as a ‘Sleeping Giant’] with the Asian Football Confederation’s (AFC) General Secretary Peter Velappan, and they together unfolded Vision Asia and Vision India.

We guess the ‘Sleeping Giant’ has now proceeded into a coma. In spite of the efforts from FIFA and AFC, the All India Football Federation (AIFF), which is the governing body of football in India, has failed to build a team that can compete at the world stage. It is an utterly pathetic and spittable failure that neither sponsors nor players see any future in this game. And did you say spectators? Oh please. We have more people in the emptiest Mumbai local than there are in India’s most attended football match.

Forget trying to improve the state, bureaucrats have the cheek to blame almost everything under the sun, but themselves. Wait till you hear the President of AIFF, Priya Ranjan Dasmunsi, who now says that cricket is eating away football in India. Sir, we’d like to add to that list. Shopping malls, movies, restaurants...and of course, Mumbai locals!

By:- B&E

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