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Add a pinch of transparency
ACR has been made mandatory by the Supreme Court

Indian public servants love the green paper- Big bucks are always welcome. But when it comes to performance-based incentives, their attitudes turn sour. Its been a tradition in India of not discussing the performance of top public servants. But recently, The Supreme Court gave a judgment that it’s mandatory for all authorities to disclose the content of the annual confidential report (ACR) to the employee. This will allow the employee to access every clause of ACR and will also get opportunity of raising a voice if aggrieved

Non-communication of ACR of a public servant denies him with opportunity of asking an upgradation or promotion and assessing his performance. The core objective of the ACR is to give an opportunity to a public servant to improve his or her performance, but keeping it behind veil, questions the fundamental reason of its inception. Under the RTI, the rule states that even an adverse grade or comment even after a good grading, needs to be communicated to the employee. Moreover, ACR will also clear and avoid any skepticism about any personal liking during the promotion.

This will not only allow more professionalism in the service but also inculcate the concept of performance based incentives. Hence, this will make the whole system a bit more transparent and motivate the employee to work instead of just pretending to work!

By:- Sray Agarwal

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