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Bush succeeds; Iraq’s finally dying
TB, HIV, malaria, asthma, bronchitis, cancer, mortalities... Bush gloats!

Of all the things, one look at the number of patients in the Ibn Rushid psychiatric hospital, Baghdad’s only hospital of its kind, is enough to confirm the state of collapse. Reports confirm that out of those with health issues, psychiatric cases now constitute a humongous 25%. And this percentage is increasing every year. One doesn’t need to go farther than George Bush to understand the morbidity of the situation.

The litany is all around. The sewage system even in Baghdad has collapsed and has now become a severe threat to the inhabitants.

Owing to the contemptible state of infrastructure including hygiene and lack of potable water, gastrointestinal diseases and tuberculosis have infested this country to a great deal. But what’s posing to be another serious problem is the high level [80%] of biomass fuel which is consumed domestically, which leads to chronic respiratory diseases among children and asthma, bronchitis, cancer, pregnancy problems among others. But Iraq doesn’t take the credit alone. Not surprisingly, other war torn countries blessed with the ambivalence of global powers, step the same path. Uganda is one of the leaders in terms of diseases like HIV/AIDS, TB, infant mortality, maternal mortality and malaria, with the latter one being the most rampant especially with the children. And then, of course, how can one forget the devastated Serbia? Diseases like malaria, typhoid, syphilis, dysentery, trachoma et al are some of the diseases scourging this country for years.

And with the global food crisis hitting the developing and underdeveloped nations full blast, it is but a matter of time that forget economies (as in Zimbabwe’s case, with inflation crossing a million percent), even societies simply vanish! Come to think of it; the next year, George Bush would have retired, leaving behind a gloating legacy of conquering nations using TB, HIV, malaria, cancer...

By:- IIPM Think Tank

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