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Israelis are crazy
Leaders queue up to resign

Well, we’ll be frank. It’s not a rare phenomenon in Israel for leaders to resign frequently after being charged with corruption. And the wonder of it is that they all seem to be voluntarily jumping the gun in trying to beat each other to the resignation line.

Back in 1997, if it was Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who was charged with bribery, 2007 saw Eitan Cabel, an Israeli cabinet minister, being asked to resign. A survey by the Sapir Academic College revealed that MK Omri Sharon, son of former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, is perceived to be the most corrupt politician in Israel. In the league of Prime Ministers, Ariel Sharon and Ehud Barak are considered other most corrupt leaders after, yes, Benjamin Netanyahu. Even agriculture minister [Yisrael Katz] and education minister [Limor Livnat] were considered largely corrupt. This does not end here, even the former President Moshe Katsaz [June 2007] resigned after he got involved in rape scandals. Walking on similar glorious lines, recently, the Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has got involved in corruption scandals. He is believed to be involved in numerous cases ranging from accusations of giving favours to money laundering. These allegations will not only threaten his seat [as he is under pressure to resign] but also will hamper the peace talks with Palestine.

What’s interesting is that Israel’s biggest ally, America, has seen its citizens not only forgive its two most flamboyant Presidents (John ‘Marilyn Monroe’ Kennedy and Bill ‘Lewinsky’ Clinton), but even love them to the sky. Obviously, the effects are rubbing off on their Israeli counterparts quite well, eh!

By:- Sray Agarwal

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