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Get elected, to get protected!
VIP/VVIP security has lost that ‘necessity’ touch. It’s merely an act...

Amidst growing internal disturbances, frequent bomb blasts and numerous riots, all which point out to shortage of national police personnel, huge numbers are deployed for security of VIPs. It is not rare to witness top-notch personalities of India, flanked by police officers and security vehicles.

And this can be seen everywhere, round the clock. So, do we imply that these VIPs need ‘zero’ security? Absolutely not! However, this security allowance appears grossly misused (abused?) these days, reducing this need to a mere fashion statement and a status symbol. Even a bench headed by Justice T. S. Thakur [in October, 2007] opined, “If there is a threat to the lives of the politicians, they should remain in the confines of their homes and offices… Their presence in public places itself threatens the life of a common man…”

It is obnoxious that common men are even prevented to walk on the pavements and traffic brought to a halt when politicians pass by. Currently, over 300 persons are considered VIPs in Delhi alone, engaging nearly 9,000 police personnel! Various RTI requests reveal that around one lakh police and paramilitary personnel are deployed to guard VIPs. To make matters worse, expenses on the Special Protection Group for VVIPs exceeded the set target by a whopping 16%! Sample this: immediately after Samajwadi Party and Congress patched-up, SP leader Amar Singh (who was under no security threat, whatsoever) was provided the highest level of security.

Yes, security is a need, but one can’t have the nation running around politicians! It’s really the politicians who are meant to protect the nationals. And why get elected in the first place, when you’re pigeon livered?!

By:- Sray Agarwal

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