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If McCain’t the guy, is Obama?
Who, among the two, will be more preferred by the ‘white’ nations?

To the amusement of everyone, a Southern California Think Tank has inferred that the intelligence of a person has an indirect relation to his liking for President Bush. In other words, if you dislike Bush, you’re intelligent, and if you do, you don’t need to read the report. Though that’s putting it quite simplistically, the fact is that despite Bush’s strong arm tactics towards certain countries, he had ensured that the ‘white’ nations (well, almost) remained allies – more or less – of the US. The question now is, will the seeds of propelling amicable foreign relations sown by Bush be nurtured just as well by Obama or McCain? While Obama keeps harping that he would do everything within his power to prevent Iran from indulging into nuclear activities, the much speculated ‘could-be’ President is still indecisive about visiting Iraq or for that matter even Iran; and on the other hand is sweet old McCain, who has been constantly persuading Obama to undertake an Iraq trip. While Obama has been accused of lack of foreign policy experience, in contrast stands McCain, who has served four years or so in Vietnam, has been a prisoner, and in his many years as Senator and political player, has influenced and lobbied for and against many foreign policy decisions.

Obama is under fire for saying that he’s open to talks with ‘truant’ countries (though he has also said that he’ll use military might where necessary). McCain stands tall as one who seconds the Bush brigade in toto. Not surprisingly, the most recent June 2008 WSJournal/NBC News poll shows that while 58% of voters now think Sen. Obama is a liberal (and 24% perceive him as a moderate), only 34% of voters perceive McCain to be a moderate (and 48% place him as a conservative). Importantly, EU is now clearly moving away from a confrontationist attitude, with even Gordon Brown toeing the line of moderation and troop withdrawal. In this context, would not Obama be a better choice, than McCain, for the ‘white’ nations? Hey, what was that you said? Hillary is still in the race?!?

By:- B&E

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