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Mom, can I have a ministry too?
Is portfolio shuffling a born trait or can it be learnt? B&E’s deep review

A few months ago, a research done by the most prestigious Yale University revealed that Indian politicians are extraordinarily intelligent. Well, we should mention they prove to be equally intelligent as ‘fund’ (or should we say, ‘post’) managers to have learnt how to arrange ministerial portfolios to minimise political risk.

Some months ago, when UPA coalition partner, DMK leader Karunanidhi, called back Minister of Communications and IT, Dayanidhi Maran, who was replaced by another party loyalist and Environment Minister A. Raja without any stated specific reasons, even the Prime Minister had no say on it. And Minister of State for Home, S.Rogupathy, another loyal DMK leader, was brought to the Environment Ministry. Similarly, in the era of the NDA government, Suresh Prabhu, who was the then Power Minister, was also forced to leave the Ministry and was replaced by another party leader Anant Geete, a protege of Shiv Sena Chief Raj Thakeray. Recently, Mayawati fired her Fisheries Minister, Jamuna Nishad, out of her dissatisfaction as he was found ‘allegedly’ involved in a mob attack that resulted in the killing of one policeman [One wonders how she forgot so fast the riots she allegedly incited against Reliance Retail’s outlets]. But she intelligently placed another Nishad leader in the Fisheries Ministry to ensure the Nishad community – which is a big caste in Uttar Pradesh and a key vote bank for Mayawati – stays with her. Though Yale might not vouch for it, gifting ministries to different party members and leaders is both an art and a science in India. Can this be learnt or is this purely a born trait?

Well, it’s quite tough to say. While previous research pointed to this being a born genetic trait of the species called politicians, recent findings also point to a shrewd species called businessmen that’s learning the ropes too fast...

By:- B&E

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