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Try gun controlling my ##$ you...
It’s the typical attitude of the US gun control lobby; and they’re winning

The US Supreme Court has done a tuxedo of rulings, with a judgement ruling in favour of the right to bear firearms. The debates start with renewed fervour now. The history is interesting, though...

The possession of guns was banned in Washington DC way back in 1976 by the City Council. DC traditionally has been quite a dangerous place to live in, peaking with 479 murders in 1991. The current mayor, Adrian Fenty, has been quite candid about his unhappiness over the court decision as he prepares to change the law. There are about 193 to 250 million guns in the hands of Americans. Nobody can forget the bloody massacre of students in Virginia Tech by a lunatic butcher, preceded by a similar incident in Illinois.

Yet, the pro-gun lobby wants the deadly weapon in the hands of naïve minds of American youths as a necessary tool for self protection. The promoters of guns are also planning for litigation in other cities like New York and San Francisco. In Chicago, litigation suits were filed by the gun lobby as soon as the Court announced its landmark judgment.

The Supreme Court’s decision has also left US voters divided. Republicans, in the last two years, have passed several bills in favour of possessing guns, which they preferred to call ‘American Values Agenda’; and surely, Republican presidential candidate McCain will continue supporting a ‘gun culture’ as they were always right to the centre; whereas, surprisingly, (or intelligently) Democrat Barack Obama is trying to satisfy both sides, despite the fact that Democrats traditionally opposed indiscriminate sale of guns. One wonders how easily both parties shove a sweet fact under the carpet. The freedom of and in America has come at a price. Every year, over 30,000 are killed in the great ‘free’ United States of America as victims of gun battles. There, bang goes the weasel...

By:- B&E

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